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IR HSI-POTS Technician II

Buffalo, MO

Job description

POTS/DSL/VDSL Installation and Repair Technician
  • Customer Service Technician must demonstrate the skills, possess the tools and test equipment necessary to perform all phases of installation and repair of copper and fiber based subscriber premises, small business equipment including Full Install DSL/VDSL, multi line phones, and basic cable trouble.
  • Test equipment required:
    • 1) CTL Approved or equivalent Copper Based Test set with the ability to test xDSL, Bonded xDSL, including wideband frequencies up to 30 MHz
    • 2) In addition, a test set used to identify coax or cat 5 jack appearances (wire mapping), test quality of in-home wiring, test noise and verify HPNA is required.
  • 5-10 years of experience
  • Looking for a true technician – not just a button pusher.
  • Candidate needs to know how to fix errors, not just make a new pair. Must know color coding and the difference between a short and high open and know how to repair it - need their own tools/equipment
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