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SVP Dynamic Supply Chain

New York, NY · Manufacturing
Role Overview

The SVP, Dynamic Supply Chain will lead all decision making, analysis, and strategic direction for the SHIP group which includes Supply Chain, Inventory Management, and Forecast Planning. Vital to the company’s success and ability to effectively scale, SHIP will drive strategy and efficiency across one of the most critical areas necessary for the company’s ultimate success while designing and implementing a solution for a use case that has not previously been architected.

This role will lead the design and implementation of a first-of-its-kind inventory management system that dynamically manages real-time bi-directional inventory, performs in-field rebalancing, and optimizes inventory allocation across a set of physical assets. Working with both raw materials and finished goods that have a very specific shelf life that is specific to each SKU based on component parts, this role has to optimize inventory at both the raw materials master level and at the distributed, in-network finished goods level in order to maximize yield and minimize waste. In addition, this role is responsible for implementing a demand forecasting model that allows for a network level forecast that accurately predicts demand at a micro and macro level including allocation across a set of competing mobile assets. 

The SVP will be also responsible for the company’s entire supply chain, bringing analytical rigor to the sourcing strategy while delivering the highest quality products.  In addition, this group will design cost mitigation frameworks and perform simulation analysis to minimize non-overlapping raw materials and gain leverage by diversifying the supplier network.

This role will be a member of the company’s Senior Leadership team and will be responsible for recruiting and hiring a highly analytical and execution-oriented team accustomed to succeeding in a high growth, highly dynamic startup environment.

What will you do?
  • Recruit and mentor world-class team to execute team objectives that trailblaze a first of its kind supply chain and inventory management design, system, and methodology
  • Design and implement a real-time inventory system that monitors and tracks inventory across both centrally fixed and mobile physical assets; align SHIP use cases with ERP and OMS systems by managing transaction-level interactions and prioritizing roadmaps to capture business needs
  • Manage ERP system implementation as it relates to operational SHIP requirements
  • Implement best in class inventory methodology and a systematic approach to categorization in order to maximize the yield of perishable items
  • Oversee demand forecasting function that projects daily demand at the SKU level based on several competing factors; decide on optimal mobile asset allocation based on projections
  • Define in-network and out of network inventory balances that allow for dynamic, in-field replenishment triggers and handoffs
  • Map entire supply chain with primary, secondary, and tertiary sources in order to leverage pricing power over vendors; determine optimal volume transactions across the supply chain in order to obtain pricing efficiency
  • Constantly assess raw material overlaps to minimize total, unique item raw material consumption and maximize cross-utilization across all finished goods
  • Prioritize quality and sustainability while mitigating risk when defining the entire supply chain; programmatically evaluate vendor relationships from a risk mitigation perspective
What are you like?
  • 12+ years of professional experience leading Supply Chain, Inventory Management or Logistics functions; previous experience at a high growth startup a plus
  • Engineering, Math, Statistics, Physics or related major; Master’s Degree or MBA preferred
  • Have recruited and managed a high performing team of 20+ people previously
  • Strong Excel modeling, PowerPoint presentation and Python capabilities with the ability to manage multiple competing priorities; performing highly analytical analysis in most recent experience required
  • Excellent communication and highly effective at written communicating
  • High level of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and comfort with ambiguity
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