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Construction Coordinator (Substations)

Manassas, VA

Whats in it for you:

  • Locally based distribution system that provides electricity to more than 175,000 homes and businesses throughout Northern Virginia.
  • More than 70 years provided electricity and energy services to homes throughout Northern Virginia.
  • Have your contributions recognized
  • Growing company with tremendous opportunity for career advancement
  • Great Salary and Benefits.

What you will be doing:
We are currently looking for a Construction Coordinator - Substations who will be responsible for overseeing and facilitating the installation of electric power equipment, components, and site development for a project to ensure contractors are fulfilling all obligations and that work is carried out according to approved contracts, specifications and schedules.

This position will also be responsible for serving as a liaison with project engineer reporting on inspections, subcontracting, progress and delays. In addition, this person will proactively identify and work to resolve any site issues that may impede the project delivery. They will also be responsible for providing technical knowledge and input to assist installing contractors.

The Construction Coordinator - Substations is responsible for organizing, scheduling, tracking, assisting in closing activities and providing construction resources required in planning, designing and constructing substation and maintenance projects.

This position will be responsible for ensuring the completion of electric infrastructure projects on-time and within authorized budgets. In addition, this person will be required to work closely with internal management, external consultants, contractors, customers, government authorities and stakeholders to coordinate activities, develop and manage project schedules and identify issues, concerns and obstacles that must be addressed and resolved to advance the project.

The position will be responsible for reviewing project expenditures such as third-party labor and material invoices, contractor timesheets, customer construction contributions and internal accounting transactions.

The Construction Coordinator - Substations will be responsible for organizing and scheduling meetings and conference calls to coordinate work activities with each entity having work responsibility in the project such as design, permitting, construction and activity closeout of the project.

The Construction Coordinator - Substations will be responsible for working closely with the Supervisor - Technical Services and Principal Substation Engineer to develop substation infrastructure projects budget for the purposes of documentation for the three-year Short Range Work Plan.
  • Develop budgets, create and document project performance, status and financial reports.
  • Understand RUS work plan and construction borrowing and loan requirements.
  • Coordinate contract specifications, bidding and bid evaluations.
  • Work directly with civil engineering firms to monitor substation site work construction and cost.
  • Review and provide recommendations to proposed change orders.
  • Coordinate with project engineer to monitor substation construction, specifications and construction cost.
  • Coordinate construction contractors work activities and approve contractor timesheets.
  • Process invoices and authorize payment to accurately allocate costs.
  • Understand and evaluate engineering designs, material specification and design cost estimates.
  • Coordinate delivery of construction material and equipment to construction site or warehouse.
  • Verify material, equipment and labor properly charged to project activities.
  • Establish and verify construction baselines prior to start of substation/switching station projects.
  • Coordinate with System Operations to develop switching orders for project construction.
  • Communicate verbally and in written form project information to internal employees, contractors, customers, government entities and third party builders and developers.
Experience you will need:
  • High school diploma with 10+ years of relevant electric power experience is required. Associate's or Bachelor's degree in project management or construction management is preferred.
  • 6+ years of high voltage electric power transmission, medium voltage distribution or substation construction management related experience is required.
  • Project Management Professional certification preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate the activities and work closely with several different parties on large infrastructure projects. Must have superior written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must possess the ability to use analytical, financial and project management software.

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