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Sr Process Engineer - Production Manager

Mulberry, FL · Transportation/Logistics

Job Overview:

This position is responsible for supporting the manufacturing of Electron-beam physical vapor deposition (EBPVD) coating targets. We are looking for a flexible engineering candidate excited to make rapid process improvements while maintaining quality. This position will be expected to interface with multiple departments including maintenance, planning, accounting, and R&D. In addition to supporting current processes, you will also be responsible for implementing capital projects to increase manufacturing capacity.

Manufacturing: This position is responsible for process control, raw material yields, and reducing manufacturing defects across the entire manufacturing process. They will be expected to work with production planning, manufacturing, and maintenance to support production volumes while addressing product yields.

  • Directly address manufacturing defects on a day-to-day basis and implement long term yield improvement solutions This included slurry mixing, spray drying, isostatic pressing, and the machining ceramic parts.
  • Provides hands-on assistance to Manufacturing and Maintenance personnel on the production floor to identify opportunities for process improvements and implement solutions.
  • Participates in cost control programs and the standardization of processes and procedures. Frequently interacts with production personnel to evaluate and solve production problems and to advise on process capability and customer demands.

Projects: Identifies and pursues projects which require experience and judgment to deal with a variety of variables.

  • Projects are typically significant assignments within the annual plant objectives and may involve new products or processes and/or expansion of capabilities. The incumbent will provide technical direction to less experienced individual, i.e., technicians, leads, and operators.
  • Plan, devise, design, and participate in the completion of capital and non-capital projects in any technical area of the plant. Improve manufacturing capability, process control, product quality, and fixed or variable costs.
  • Works and interacts with research and development, production team members, and other support departments to ensure project fulfilment.
  • Responsible for various capital project activities.
  • Write up and present project reports to update progress and to convey project developments to all appropriate manufacturing personnel and management.

Documentation and Training: Lead, direct, develop, and train personnel on new processes, equipment, and procedures as required while maintaining and updating existing process documentation.

  • Manages, directs, participates in the work required to generate quality data and information flow. Ensures the activities are integrated and effective.
  • Promote data acquisition, data analytics, digital solutions, and automation.
  • Performs statistical analysis of process variables and rejection rates, interprets data and leads resulting process and product improvement projects. Creates, implements, and oversees vital quality and process control procedures.

Development: Works closely with management in assisting with the developing and testing of new products and processes before they are introduced into production.

  • Assist in the continuation of the continuous improvement program.
  • Initiate and maintain Engineering Change Notices (ECN) to document and control changes in specifications, processes and procedures.
  • Maintain technical competence.

Corporate Responsibility:

  • Supports all ISO activity.
  • Responsible for compliance with applicable corporate and governmental guidelines, rules, and regulations pertaining to proper business controls, legal and EHS issues.


  • Bachelor’s Material science (Ceramic preferred), Chemical, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineering - Required
  • Microsoft Office - Required
  • Demonstrated Understanding Statistical methods especially relating to SPC or Six Sigma Principles - Preferred
  • 3-5 Years Experience in a manufacturing environment - Required.
  • 1-3 Years Experience in management - Preferred

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