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Maintenance Planner

Carrolton, GA
The maintenance planner role delivers the routine planning services required to sustain a proactive culture for all individuals performing maintenance functional tasks. Key aspects of this position include:
  • Ensuring that qualitative maintenance plans and job packages are prepared to facilitate execution of preventive and corrective maintenance activity.
  • Prioritizing safety and environmental considerations through job safety analyses, method statements and identified permitting requirements.
  • Establishing an adequate backlog that supports the plant’s scheduling efforts.
  • Monitoring of planning accuracy to continuously improve planning for repetitive jobs.
  • Contributing to the asset Bill of Material (BOM) development to increase planning and job execution efficiencies.
  • Maintaining a library of job task lists that provides easy access and identification of repetitive work planning.
  • Accountable for development of job plans that identify safety hazards, permitting requirements, special tools and equipment, and required PPE.  
  • The job plans created by the planner will breakdown critical task that include types and number of craft resources, contractor requirements and internal and external material requirements.
  • Builds a ‘ready to be scheduled’ backlog with time requirements assigned to job tasks to support weekly maintenance scheduling. 
  • Prioritizes job development based on asset criticality and customer prioritization of work. 
  • Supports the strategies of maintenance planning, scheduling and execution
  • a) Planned work is more efficient than unplanned work.
  •  b)   Pre-developed work plans are more effective than just in time work plans.
  •  c)   Scheduled work is more cost-effective than reactive maintenance.
  •  d)   A flexible workforce is key to minimizing the number of crafts involved in a planned activity and the number of handoffs between crafts.   
  • Assists in contractor coordination and performs service entries of completed services.  
  •  Performs requisitioning as part of the planning activity.   
  •  Assists in development of preventive maintenance plans for all applicable plant assets.  
  •  Manages all corrective and preventive job plans / task lists to ensure readiness for scheduled and unscheduled recurring work opportunities.  
  •  Serves as a local master data manager within the plant SAP PM environment.   
  •  Creates bills of materials (BOMs) for plant assets.   
  •  Serves as a SAP PM subject matter expert for the plant.  


Individual must have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a craftsman while developing an understanding of the work management process.

Individual must have computer skills related to planning and scheduling of work and have skills for estimating labor, materials, tools and equipment to perform maintenance work.

Must be able to prioritize workload based on customer needs. Prior experience working within the SAP PM environment is highly desirable.

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